Portraits of Françoise Vergès and Olivier Marboeuf

[DOCUMENTATION] France as a Black Space

February 04, 2020

September 28, 2019, 2:00pm Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC. Supported by Consulate General of France in Vancouver (note: audio only) Play Here: -- Françoise Vergès and Olivier Marboeuf on the occurrence and marginalization of black space and black life in the French imaginary…

Three speakers seated at a table, facing to the left towards an audience member standing up with a microphone.

[DOCUMENTATION] Closing Plenary / Q&A

January 31, 2020

Sunday, 24 November, 2019 Speakers: kandis Williams, Deanna Bowen, Christina Battle, Keyon gaskin, M. NourbeSe Philip, S*an D. Henry Smith Watch Here: -- Speakers from the performance and gesture and formal aesthetic panels return for a final Q&A and wrap up discussion…

Three speakers sitting at a table facing the camera. From left to right: Kandis Williams, Christina Battle, Deanna Bowen

[DOCUMENTATION] Panel: Black and Formal Aesthetics

January 31, 2020

Sunday, 24 November, 2019 Speaker(s): Kandis Williams, Deanna Bowen, Christina Battle Watch Here: -- In the final panel of the Bodies Borders Fields symposium, Battle, Bowen and Williams address the formal strategies in their work in relation to the visibility and…

One of the speakers, Keyon gaskin, with their back turned to us. One audience member to their left, seated, and another audience member to their right, lying on a table.

[DOCUMENTATION] Panel: Black Performance and Gesture

January 30, 2020

Sunday, 24 November, 2019 Speaker(s): keyon gaskin, M. NourbeSe Philip, Tina Post Watch Here: -- Considerations of the entanglement of black bodies and blackness as sites for Eurocentric imaginaries of domination and delimiting, and how this is undermined by self…

Images of the artists, Sean and Imani, dressed in white walking and reading a poem.

[DOCUMENTATION] Performance/Brunch: Sun/Sea

January 30, 2020

Sunday, 24 November, 2019 A meal and performance by mouthfeel (S*an D. Henry Smith and Imani Elizabeth Jackson). Documentation of the artists’ culinary and poetic performance considering the colonial legacy of the sea as site of sustenance, genocide and mourning. Watch Here:…

Four speakers sitting down. From left to right: Yaniya Lee, Krys Verall, M NourbeSe Philip, Denise Ryner

[DOCUMENTATION] Panel: The Black Aesthetic Revisited

January 28, 2020

Friday, 22 November, 2019 Speaker(s): Krys Verrall and M NourbeSe Philip with Denise Ryner and Yaniya Lee Watch Here: -- Opening welcome by Trinity Square Video’s artistic director Emily Fitzpatrick (note sound cuts in at 0:42) Group conversation with Krys Verrall, M…

A black and white photo of two men sitting at a table. One is wearing tinted glasses and is leaning back in his chair. The other is leaning in towards a microphone.

arts/canada No. 113, October 1967

October 17, 2019

A “simultaneous conversation” took place on August 16, 1967 between seven speakers in Toronto and New York with the cooperation of Bell Telephone Company, the CBC and artscanada magazine (formerly Canadian Art). This cross-border conversation was recorded and published in that year’s October issue…

A black and white photo of one of the Dream House Sculptures. It is a tall rectangular structure, all black, with smaller geometric shapes raised on all sides.

Keeping House with Louise Nevelson by Julia Bryan-Wilson

October 14, 2019

This article examines how Louise Nevelson’s Dream House sculptures (1972-1973) simultaneously produced and disrupted notions of domesticity. As a series of alternative or non-normative dwellings, the Dream Houses are spaces that indicate a broader potential to reinvent the home. Nevelson’s wooden…

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